Compromise Assessment

Gain insight and detect hidden adversaries throughout your IT environment.

Hunt for threats and adversaries, detect ongoing and past intrusions and assess your attack surface by identifying risks throughout your organisation.

Our widespread expertise in dealing with breaches, threat intelligence and next-generation security technology enable us to efficiently identify signs of compromise and vulnerabilities.

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Average time to detect
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Small businesses
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Compromise Assessment Service

Detect ongoing and past intrusions whilst establishing your external and internal attack surface. Identify risks throughout your environment.

Compromise Assessments

How Does It Work?

Through the deployment of lightweight agents on endpoints and collectors on the network, Bleam security analysts collect a range of data points that can be used to identify ongoing and past intrusions.

Threat Intelligence Triage

We triage all of the collected data with several commercial threat intelligence feeds to quickly identify undetected threats in your network.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting involves performing targeted searches for specific indicators of compromise and indicators of attack, enabling us to identify unknown and unique threats.

Final Report

All findings are presented in a report, detailing each detection and recommended remediation activities.