Managed Cyber Security Services

Protect your business and customers with advanced 24×7 cyber threat prevention.

Thwart data breaches, prevent advanced persistent threats and rapidly increase your security maturity with Managed Cyber Security from Bleam.

We defend your business from elementary threats to sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks.

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Small businesses
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Cyber Security As A Service

With 24/7 security monitoring and response to threats from a team of security experts, we are able to detect hidden adversaries in your environment & have full visibility across your whole IT environment.

Key Features


Protect your business from advanced and targeted cyberattacks that are designed to evade traditional controls. We continually monitor for indicators of compromise and indicators of attack, defending your business from adversaries.

How can you detect a breach when you don’t have visibility across your IT environment? Bleam Managed Cyber Security includes enhanced visibility so our security experts can search for signs of compromise around the clock.

Our security team are on hand to respond to suspicious and malicious activity. We can quickly isolate devices, perform forensic level remediation, undoing any changes an attacker may have made and even roll back files encrypted by ransomware. All Incident Response activities are then followed up with a detailed report and any next steps.