Managed Detection & Response

Gain enhanced visibility, reduce the time to detect intrusion and stop advanced threats.

Record and monitor for suspicious activities taking place across your networks, endpoints and cloud services.

Detect unknown threats and adversaries and stop breaches before they make headlines.

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Average time to detect
a breach.

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UK businesses that experienced a breach in 2018.

Managed Detection & Response As A Service

With Managed Detection & Response we can instantly increase your security maturity with detection and containment of undetected and ongoing intrusions, reduce the average time to remediate breaches & comply with legislation GDPR, DPA 2018, ISO 27001 & PCI DSS.

What is Managed Detection & Response?

Bleam Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is a cutting-edge service that combines multiple layers of our prevention, detection and response focused security services and around the clock security monitoring to create a comprehensive cyber security solution that ultimately, stops breaches.

Key Features

The Bleam MDR service can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization’s requirements. Below we list some of the core elements of the Bleam MDR service.

Managed Prevention

We manage preventative controls and automatically respond when an attack is detected. Prevention measures include Advanced Endpoint Protection, Email Gateways and our Network Security as a Service platform which includes Intrusion Prevention Systems, Firewall, Application Filtering, Secure Web Gateway and Advanced Threat Prevention.

Threat Intelligence

We have access to several commercial threat intelligence feeds that we overlay across our MDR service. Using this intelligence, we can quickly identify threats across your environment and also act upon recommendations and notifications from our trusted threat intelligence partners in order to prevent breaches.

24×7 Security Monitoring

From our Security Operations Center, we monitor and respond to threats around the clock, protecting your organization and its critical assets.

Proactive Threat Hunting

We assume compromise and proactively hunt for threats throughout your environment, investigating any suspicious activity and isolating infected endpoints and servers.

Remote Incident Response

Our Security team is on hand and ready to respond when the worst happens. Rely on Bleam to contain threats, minimize your exposure and eradicate adversaries from your environments.

Cloud Monitoring

Using our Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) service, we proactively monitor your cloud services for signs of compromise, detecting events such as suspicious logons and brute force attempts.

Endpoint & Server

We record multiple data points from your endpoints and servers and then overlay it with out threat intelligence. For critical assets such as domain controllers, we can ingest logs directly into our SIEM to add a further layer of detection.


We gain deep visibility into your WAN and internet connectivity, detecting indicators of attack and indicators of compromise in order to isolate undetected threats on your network.

Vulnerability Management

Gain actionable insights and the data that is needed to prioritise and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations throughout your cloud and on-premise environments.