Managed Website Security

Protect Your Website and Reputation With Comprehensive Website Security.

Websites continue to be attacked by adversaries in both targeted and mass automated cyberattacks.

Bleam Managed Website Security protects your website and web applications from compromise with multiple layers of protection.


Websites hacked daily.

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Mean cost to UK Businesses that were breached in 2018.

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Of infected websites were WordPress based.

Managed Website
Security As A Service

Multiple layers of website security including DDOS Mitigation, Intrusion Detection and Web Application Firewall, this will Reduce the average time to remediate breaches, increase website performance with globally distributed content delivery network & protect your brand and reputation.

Security As A Service


Protect your website from adversaries with multiple layers of protection. A Web Application Firewall blocks malicious code and hacking attempts. Intrusion Prevention blocks malicious network activity. DDoS Mitigation blocks any attempt to overload your website with traffic.


Gain enhanced visibility into your web applications and websites in order to detect indicators of compromise and indicators of attack. Protect your brand reputation with our monitoring of third-party blacklists.


Our security team provide complete remediation activity, cleaning up malicious code and restoring your website back to its original state. All response activities are followed up with a detailed incident report.