Network Security As A Service

Regain your network perimeter in a cloud and mobile-first world.

Your data is moving to the cloud, Starbucks is the new office Wi-Fi and your network perimeter is disappearing.

Re-define your perimeter with cloud-delivered multi-layered network protection including advanced detection and response capabilities. Protect your assets from any location and any network in the world.

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Small businesses
experienced a breach.

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Average time to detect
a breach.

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Security As A Service

Deploy the service either via a software agent for your endpoints or a cost-effective network appliance for your office and data centre locations. Security as a service quickly delivers an unmatched return on investment.

Security As A Service

Network Detection And Response

Integrate the Bleam Managed Detection & Response service into your security stack so we can hunt for signs of intrusion and compromise in your networks.


Define granular firewall policies at your perimeter edge, block risky services and protect your critical assets, all delivered as a service with no need for expensive hardware.

Next Generation Firewall

The application-aware Next-Generation Firewall can give insights into the applications in use throughout your environment, block risky applications and allow and prioritise traffic for business-critical workloads.

Secure Web Gateway

Protect users from phishing, malware and other risky websites all while enforcing your organisation’s policy on web browsing.

Intrusion Prevention System

Prevent intrusion attempts with advanced prevention which is continually tuned by a 24Ă—7 Security Operations Centre.

Advanced Threat Protection

Block advanced and zero-day threats that are designed to bypass traditional controls.