Secure Remote Working

These articles are intended to help guide organisations who have introduced remote working or increased the number of remote workers due to Covid-19. This guidance is broken down into several bitesize articles and guides that are aimed at both board members and IT teams.

The following guidance should be reviewed and integrated into a good information security strategy in order for it to be completely effective. Not all of the information may be applicable to your organisation, but we hope that you find this useful and that it helps you to enable the continued operations of your business in a secure manner.

We will continue to update and add new articles as the weeks go by. We would appreciate any feedback you may have.


  1. The Top 3 Risks Introduced by Remote Working.
  2. Legal, Regulatory and Contractual Considerations for Remote Working.
  3. Secure Configuration for Remote Devices.
  4. Effective Cyber Security Controls to Protect Remote Workers.
  5. Network Security for Remote Workers