Managed Detection & Response for Email

Detection and response services to stop advanced and targeted email threats.

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Plug the gap and compliment your preventative email security controls with MDR for Email. Gain enhanced detection and response capabilities for the most utilised and successful attack vector.



Successful Cyber Attacks that start with an email - UK NCSC Cyber Breaches Survey


Targeted attacks which utilise spear phishing as an infection vector - Broadcom ISTR

Phishing is still the most successful and common attack vector used by adversaries to gain initial access, but why? 

While many organisations have implemented preventative email security controls such as Mimecast, Proofpoint and Microsoft Defender for 365, as well as security awareness training; adversaries are also continually evolving their own techniques, bypassing these preventative controls and duping unsuspecting employees into clicking links and opening attachments.

Detection and response for email are key control areas that are often overlooked. How do you identify email threats that bypass your preventative email security contrtols? How do you respond at scale to remove phishing emails which have successfully reached your mailboxes?

Bleam MDR for Email rapidly plugs the gap in your Detection & Response strategy for handling email based threats.

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Our free proof of value assesses organisational email security posture, susceptibility to phishing attacks and uncovers undetected threats across mailboxes.


Request a free MDR for Email Proof of Value 


Enhanced Detection of Email Threats

Attack detection based on real-world adversary tactics, techniques and procedures.

The MDR for Email services provides organisations with a turnkey threat detection and response solution for email. Detect email threats that bypass preventative security controls and remediate malicious messages at scale. End users have a direct route into the Bleam security team to report suspicious messages in seconds.


Improve Your Security Posture

Phishing simulations, security awareness training and in-mail banner messages.

Customised phishing simulations, based on real-word examples seen across our customer base, test organisational susceptibility to current phishing attack trends. Security awareness training enhances user awareness of email threats, while in-mail banner messages continually raise the awareness of users to potentially malicious messages.

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Bleam MDR for Email

MDR for Email integrates natively into cloud based email solutions such as Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and Google Mail, while also providing support for on-premise mail servers.


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Key Features


Turnkey Managed Detection & Response for Email

With rapid deployment and service onboarding, Bleam MDR for Email provides organisations with a turnkey detection and response capability to thwart email based attacks including both commodity and targeted campaigns.


Comprehensive Investigation & Response

All email security events and incidents are investigated by Bleam expert security analysts. Our analysts have access to a range of investigative tooling including sandboxing technologies and commercial threat intelligence feeds. All events are categorised as either Safe, Spam or Phishing.

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Proactive Threat Hunting

Bleam security analysts proactively hunt for email threats by utilising a range of indicators of attack, enabling the identification of suspicious messages.


Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulations are delivered across your user base. We can make bespoke and specific simulations for your organisation and industry, mirroring the latest tactics used by cyber criminals to bypass defences.


Integrated Threat Intelligence

As standard, our MDR for Email service module includes a range of threat intelligence sources, as well as threat enrichment via our threat intelligence feed from Crowdstrike, providing further insight and adversary correlation.

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One-Click Reporting

Your end users have a direct route to Bleam security analysts. With one-click reporting functionality supporting most major email clients and browser based email, end users can immediately escalate suspicious emails for investigation.

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Why Bleam Managed Detection & Response services?




The MITRE ATT&CK Framework is a knowledge base of cyber adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. The Bleam MDR service is developed in-line with this framework to ensure cyber attacks are stopped early in the cyber kill chain.


Modular MDR

Our MDR service can be implemented in modules which allows us to deploy our MDR offering in the order of the most targeted and most vulnerable assets, giving our customers a much higher return on investment from their security spend.


Coverage of Key Assets

Our service modules can be deployed as part of a comprehensive MDR service or individually. Asset coverage includes Email, Identity, Endpoints, Cloud, Network, Infrastructure, Application and ICS & OT.


24x7 Detection & Response 

We monitor and respond to threats around the clock, protecting your organisation and its critical assets.


Proactive Threat Hunting

Utilising telemetry collected across our service modules, we conduct proactive hypotheses driven, behavioral, analytical and adversary based threat hunts.


Rapid Time-to-Value

A cloud native service with rapid integrations designed to quickly provide visibility across key assets. 


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