Managed Detection & Response for Email

Email is the number one threat vector faced by all organisations today. It only takes one email and one click for your network to be compromised. 

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Bleam's Managed Detection & Response for Email is a revolutionary managed security service designed to mitigate threat vector number one. Powered by enterprise-class technology and security expertise from Bleam, we defend your organisation from email-borne threats, including never-before-seen targeted attacks.



Attacks start with an email


People click on malicious emails

Your secure email gateway is no longer enough 

Advanced email phishing attacks remain the most problematic cyber security issue that organisations face today. 

Whilst Secure Email Gateways remain a critical security layer, Bleam’s MDR for Email service complements existing software, providing another layer of endpoint protection that operates from inside the mailbox itself. 

Bleam’s MDR for Email provides additional security measures. From our UK based Security Operation Centre, the service combines expert security investigation and analysis with best in class AI powered technology. Enhanced with crowd sourced email threat intelligence, enables the solution to detect and remove advanced email threats from your inboxes and greatly reduce the risk of a successful email borne cyber attack. 

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In order to realise the true value of our MDR for Email we offer a free 4 week Proof of Value

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Strengthen your security

Protect sensitive data

Powered by superior technology and human expertise, Bleam's Threat Detection & Response for Email defends your organisation's most critical assets and sensitive data by mitigating the number one threat vector faced by organisations today.


Stop Advanced & Targeted Attacks

AI powered mailbox level endpoint protection

Unlike traditional email security solutions that focus on preventing basic email attacks, Bleam's MDR for Email detects and removes advanced email threats that are bypassing your secure email gateway.

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Bleam's MDR for Email

MDR for Email uses multiple layers of prevention technology, including Sandboxing and malware scanning, crowd sourced email threat intelligence and deep learning to detect and remove malicious emails.

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Key Benefits


Protect Sensitive Data

Powered by superior technology and human expertise, Bleam's MDR for Email defends your organisation's most critical assets and sensitive data by mitigating the number one threat vector faced by organisations today.


Reduce Financial and Reputational Risk

Protection against email based threats reduces the risk of financial crime and theft of assets, while also mitigating the risk of reputational damage from business email compromise, where attackers often target your customers from compromised email accounts.

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Security Expertise

Email security incidents are investigated and remediated by Bleam. If a user receives a suspicious email, the integrated reporting service enables them to flag the email with one click, creating a security incident that will be investigated.


Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulations are delivered across your user base. We can make bespoke and specific simulations for your organisation and industry, mirroring the latest tactics used by cyber criminals to bypass defences. Security Awareness Training increases the likelihood that your employees will be able to spot a well-crafted phishing email, but also trains them on topics such as GDPR and PCI.


In-Mail Alerting

In message banner alerting heightens awareness throughout your user base, highlighting potentially malicious emails by inserting banner messages that outline indicators that make the message suspicious. 

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One-Click Reporting

How do your end users currently report suspicious email? With Bleam's MDR for Email service, integrated reporting buttons in Outlook, OWA and GSuite allow users to escalate an email for further inspection at the click of a button.

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Why Bleam managed cyber security services?


Data Driven Portal

Using the data analytics expertise of our parent company Simpson Associates, Bleam's MDR customer portal is powered by data analytics which provides essential insights into your security posture.

Expert Security Analyst

Bleam's expert security analysts become an extension of your team giving you invaluable resources. 


24/7/365 response from our UK based Security Operations Centre

Advanced Threat Intelligence 

Tailored threat intelligence to your organisations specific threats to help our security experts stay one step ahead. 

Threat Detection and Prevention

Identification and prevention of malicious activity inside your IT environment to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. 

Vulnerability Management           

Regular vulnerability scanning to identify security vulnerabilities in your IT environment, allowing us to work with your team to reduce your attack surface. 


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