Virtual CISO

Bleam’s information security programme will help your organisation understand how to
protect themselves and identify what they need to protect against.
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Solution Overview 

Strengthen your security

With cyber security being an increased risk for organisations of all sizes, having specialist information security skills and experience within the business is more important than ever. However, for many organisations having a full time senior security leader like a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is often not feasible.

The responsibility of the information security strategy and management is often given to an organisation's senior IT Leaders. But with enormous pressures already on the IT teams to keep the business operational, combined with information security being a specialist field, it often doesn’t get the focus it really needs.

That's where Bleam can help and provide the expertise to plug the gap with our Information Security Programme - designed to develop a security risk register and formulate a security strategy unique to your organisation.


Improve your security posture


Bleam’s information security program helps
organisations to understand how to protect
themselves and identify what they need to
protect and how to protect against threats.

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How can an information security programme help?

Improve the ROI of your security defences, by better understanding your true security risk and deploy your security resources more effectively

Have access to expert
information security

Gain a top down
InfoSec risk register,
that’s contextualised
with your specific
threats and impacts
and current security
control maturity

Gain a pragmatic
security strategy
to guide your
security spend

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Our information security programme is designed to develop a security risk register and formulate a security strategy unique to your organisation. 

Our programme is broken down into two phases

Our highly experienced and qualified senior information security consultants work with you to identify critical assets/processes in your organisation and understand impacts of likely cyber- attacks and assess current security defences. Next, we help you categorise these into information security risk register, which formulate a security strategy and build a recommendations implementations roadmap.

Key activities:

  • Identification of critical assets and processes, along with associated impacts of likely cyber attacks upon the identified critical assets and processes. 
  • Assessment of likely threat actors and their TTP's
  • Assessment of current security control maturity
  • Development of a top-down cyber risk register
  • Gap analysis report and recommendations 
  • Security strategy roadmap

Our experts will oversee the delivery of the security strategy roadmap that was created and agreed in phase 1. Our consultant will conduct monthly consultancy meetings with security steering group to ensure progress of the implementation of the recommendations and advise on any further information security challenges.

Key activities: 

  • Security programme management to oversee the delivery of the roadmap
  • Retained monthly information security consultancy
  • Incident response planning
  • Monthly security steering group meetings
  • Quarterly senior management security meeting


Plan your perfect security programme 

We will support you through your information security journey helping you to
achieve compliance, ensuring security budgets and how to use resources to effectively lower information security risk.

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