Managed AZURE Sentinel

Bleam's Azure Sentinel allows organisations to monitor activity across a hybrid environment using AI to analyse data, providing clear visibility of your IT estate.

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Maximise your Azure Sentinel Investment 

Protect sensitive data

A common stumbling block for organisations using Azure Sentinel is the initial onboarding and configuration. There are a lot of different variables that need to be tuned and enhanced in order for your organisation to maximise the benefits.


Solution Overview

Protect sensitive data

Bleam's Managed Azure Sentinel Service will ensure you maximise your Azure Sentinel investment. We will make certain that your Sentinel is configured to provide you with the protection level your organisation needs. 

We tune and optimise your Sentinel in line with your company requirements. 

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Bleam Managed Azure Sentinel 

Key Features


Onboarding & Configuration

We optimise your Azure Sentinel and complete the initial configuration of the main Sentinel elements including workbooks, playbooks and SOAR.


Tuning & Optimisation

We make sure your playbooks and workbooks are optimised for your security needs. We also create bespoke data connectors and critical alert incident notifications.


On-going Support

We offer continuous support to make sure we're meeting your security requirements. We offer 1/4ly service review to asses your security journey. 

Want to know more about how managed Azure sentinel can help your organisation?

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Why Bleam managed cyber security services?


Data Driven Portal

Using the data analytics expertise of our parent company Simpson Associates, Bleam's MDR customer portal is powered by data analytics which provides essential insights into your security posture.

Expert Security Analyst

Expert security analyst who become an extension of your team giving you invaluable resources. 


24/7/365 response from our UK based Security Operations Centre

Advanced Threat Intelligence 

Tailored threat intelligence to your organisations specific threats to help our security experts stay one step ahead. 

Threat Detection and Prevention

Identification and prevention of malicious activity inside your IT environment to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. 

Vulnerability Management           

Regular vulnerability scanning to identify security vulnerabilities in your IT environment, allowing us to work with your team to reduce your attack surface. 

Looking for a more proactive service?

Bleam Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an advanced and cost-effective security monitoring service which integrates with Azure Sentinel to give you comprehensive protection from malicious activity. The MDR service will ensure someone will be proactively monitoring your Sentinel service, giving you peace of mind 24 x 7 x 365.

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