Penetration & Security Testing

We offer a wide variety of penetration tests, depending on your organisations needs.

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Solution Overview

The best defence starts with knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Penetration testing can help many organisations, it allows you to test in real time the effectiveness of your Cyber security measures. They provide actionable insights which can be used to expose your flaws and make critical changes.

The speed of action and prior preparation can make the difference between a breach having minor consequences or having catastrophic consequences.

Mimics the tactics and techniques of likely cyber attackers ensuring your cyber defences are appropriate.

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Protect your business today

Security is an ongoing concern for many organisations.

We offer a wide variety of penetration tests, depending on your organisation's needs but they typically fall into one of three categories:

Black Box tests: when the penetration tester knows nothing of the infrastructure to be tested. It’s more indicative of a real-world attack, but this method may not always expose all vulnerabilities.

White Box tests: when the penetration tester has access to full, in-depth information on the infrastructure to be tested. Whilst not as realistic as a black box test, it allows for a very thorough test.

Grey Box tests: The most popular form of test that takes a balanced approach between white and black boxes. A grey box test discloses just enough information to perform a thorough, methodical test, whilst keeping the scenario relevant and realistic.


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Technical Security Audits 

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Looking for a more proactive service?

Bleam Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an advanced and cost-effective security monitoring service to give you comprehensive protection from malicious activity. The MDR service will ensure someone will be proactively monitoring your IT network, giving you peace of mind 24 x 7 x 365.

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