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Managed Cyber Security Services are an advanced and cost-effective security monitoring service which integrates the work of several different platforms to give you comprehensive protection from malicious activity.

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One of the biggest challenges organisations face is the ever evolving threat landscape.
Cyber-attacks are now commonplace and have the potential to significantly damage organisations in a matter of hours.
A managed security service is constructed to take care of your whole IT network. We understand no two organisations will face the same threats so we build our service around threats unique to your business. A managed security service will grow with your organisation protecting you now and into your future.

Solution Overview

24 /7 /365 protection 

With the combination of detection and prevention security tools, our security experts will detect, investigate, and eliminate the threat immediately.

Tools alone are not enough, you need a team of experienced security analysts to monitor activity across your IT environment and proactively look for threats.

Bleam Cyber Security can provide a managed detection and response service to protect your most important
assets and give you peace of mind.

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Managed Detection & Response

Bleam Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an advanced and cost-effective security monitoring service integrating the work of several platforms to provide comprehensive protection from malicious activity.

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Managed Sentinel

Bleam  Managed Sentinel allows organisations to monitor activity across a hybrid environment. It uses AI to help analyse data, providing clear visibility of your IT estate.

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Vulnerability Management

Bleam's Managed Vulnerability scanning examines external and internal IT infrastructure for technical security flaws that could be exploited by a cyber-criminal during a cyber attack. 

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Managed Private Access

Bleam's Secure Private Access uses the latest Zscaler technology to provide fast and secure access to private applications running on- prem or in the public cloud.


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Managed Internet Gateway

Bleam's Secure Internet Gateway uses the latest Zscaler technology to secure all your web-traffic across all users, devices, and locations. 

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Managed Email Detection & Response

Powered by superior technology and human expertise, Bleam Email Threat Detection & Response defends your organisations most critical assets and sensitive data by mitigating the number one threat vector faced by organisations today.

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Why Bleam managed cyber security services?


Data Driven Portal

Using the data analytics expertise of our parent company Simpson Associates, Bleam's MDR customer portal is powered by data analytics which provides essential insights into your security posture.

Expert Security Analyst

Bleam's expert security analysts become an extension of your team giving you invaluable resources. 


24/7/365 response from our UK based Security Operations Centre

Advanced Threat Intelligence 

Tailored threat intelligence to your organisation's specific threats to help our security experts stay one step ahead. 

Threat Detection and Prevention

Identification and prevention of malicious activity inside your IT environment to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. 

Vulnerability Management           

Regular vulnerability scanning to identify security vulnerabilities in your IT environment, allowing us to work with your team to reduce your attack surface. 


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