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Securely access the Internet wherever you are. 


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The ultimate Secure internet gateway 

Bleam Secure Internet Gateway is a cloud service powered by Zscaler technology  to provide fast and secure access to the internet wherever you are.


Solution Overview 

Traffic routes to the internet have shifted, gateways were built with stacks of security appliances to allow secure internet access. These gateways were typically centralised to one location such as a main office to minimize the cost and complexity of securing multiple locations. However, now this doesn’t apply, and team members are working from all over.

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A cloud first world

Organisation's traffic often goes straight to the cloud bypassing the security perimeter. Additionally, today’s complex threats have triggered an explosion of new security appliances, all finding their way into your overworked gateway.

Administrators are in a constant battle to keep up with required security updates for their appliances. The complexity of deploying and managing all these appliances is a big task for under supported IT teams.

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Keep your employees safe from malicious and compromised Internet sites

Secure all your web-traffic across all users, devices and locations. 

Identify infected devices, disable malware and block data exfiltration

No on-premise equipment capital and support costs

Managed Service levels 

We're delivering market leading and enterprise standard security services to organisations of all sizes.

Bleam are passionate that robust cyber protection should be accessible to organisations of all sizes, not just reserved for the large multinational corporations. 

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Fundamentals Complete
Bleam Managed Secure Access

Service Reporting
Security Event Notification
Policy Management and Adjustment
Threat Enrichment
Using Bleam threat intelligence
Dedicated Support Engineer


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Make bleam managed secure access part of your security stack

Key features 


Supports a mobile-first, cloud-first, network transformation strategy

Seamless integration and installation 

Applications are invisible to unauthorised users

Enables phasing out of legacy VPNs

URL address filtering, content filtering and malware blocking

Requires no changes to your current