Managed Secure Access 

Organisations have moved their applications to cloud platforms, but their security hasn’t evolved to match the modern-day traffic demands cloud applications have.
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small businesses experienced a breach


days to detect a breach


chance of data loss from a breach

Bleam Managed Secure Access 

Bleam’s Managed Secure Private Access and Secure Internet Access  services allows organisations to have peace of mind when it comes to enabling secure access to private corporate resources and applications for their users. 

A managed service incorporating market leading platform, ZSCALER, our expert security analysts become an extension of your IT Team providing an invaluable resource. Previously often only accessible to larger organisations, the powerful Zscaler platform used within the service enables Bleam to bring enterprise level security to organisations of all sizes.


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Protect your workforce wherever they are

Users are no longer sitting behind network firewalls they're working from virtually anywhere.

It's vital that their cyber security protects them from threats regardless of where they choose to work. 

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Secure Private access

Access your applications wherever you are


The Bleam Managed Secure Private Access service provides fast and secure access to private applications that are running either on-premises or in the cloud. The service provides access based on four key principles: 

  • Users access applications, never the network 
  • Secure access to internal apps without VPNs 
  • Applications are never exposed to the internet 
  • Lower operational expense than traditional VPNs 


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Secure Internet Gateway

Access the Internet wherever you are


Traffic routes to the internet have shifted, gateways were built with stacks of security appliances to allow secure internet access. Users are no longer sitting behind network firewalls - they're working from everywhere, however often their cyber security isn’t. 

  • Protect your employees from malicious and compromised Internet sites 
  • Secure all your web traffic across all users, devices, and locations 
  • Identify infected devices, disable malware, and block data exfiltration 
  • No on-premises equipment capital and support costs 

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Managed Service levels 

Bleam are passionate that robust cyber protection should be accessible to organisations of all sizes, not just reserved for the large multinational corporations. 

Our managed services are tailored to your organisational needs. 
Unsure which service is suitable for you? 
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Fundamentals Complete
Bleam Managed Secure Access

Service Reporting
Security Event Notification
Policy Management and Adjustment
Threat Enrichment
Using Bleam threat intelligence
Dedicated Support Engineer
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Why Bleam managed cyber security services?


Data Driven Portal

Using the data analytics expertise of our parent company Simpson Associates, Bleam's MDR customer portal is powered by data analytics which provides essential insights into your security posture.

Expert Security Analyst

Expert security analyst who become an extension of your team giving you invaluable resources. 


24/7/365 response from our UK based Security Operations Centre

Advanced Threat Intelligence 

Tailored threat intelligence to your organisations specific threats to help our security experts stay one step ahead. 

Threat Detection and Prevention

Identification and prevention of malicious activity inside your IT environment to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. 

Vulnerability Management           

Regular vulnerability scanning to identify security vulnerabilities in your IT environment, allowing us to work with your team to reduce your attack surface. 


       How can we help?

Make Bleam Managed Secure Access  part of your security stack

Key features 


Supports a mobile-first, cloud-first, network transformation strategy

Seamless integration and installation 

Applications are invisible to unauthorised users

Enables phasing out of legacy VPNs

URL address filtering, content filtering and malware blocking

Requires no changes to your current