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iWealth is a Leeds based wealth management service specialising in bespoke plans helping their customers to look after their wealth.  Bleam provided a managed cyber security service for iWealth. 

'Cyber security is very important for our business. If we get hacked, we’ve got big issues with regulation, and potentially could be the collapse of the business if clients lose trust in what we do and how we operate.'

'I run a business called iWealth we are a wealth management business specialising in looking after client money.'

'Having a managed solution where we’ve got our data our internet monitored 24 hours a day gives me as a business owner a great peace of mind.'

'An IT specialist is more than likely to sell you a piece of software and think it does the job when actually, it doesn’t. So, we use Bleam’s Manged Security Service it gives me huge peace of mind knowing that there are security experts who will look after and monitor it and protect our data 24 hours a day.'

'Anybody who is serious about cyber security and wanting to protect their data I think that  you would be well served understanding the vulnerabilities that you may have in your current cyber security.'

'If you don’t take your data seriously why should a client in our case, invest with us.'

Andrew Woodhouse - Director of iWealth 


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