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Top Language Solutions 


Top language solutions


'Top Language Solutions are a Leeds based independent British Sign Language Interpreting Service, they have a dedicated team of qualified, registered Language Service Professionals.'

'We have an ongoing managed security service with Bleam. We have a very high level of assurance that we’re protected, we can pass that message on confidently to our client base.'

'We have delivered last year almost four thousand hours of interpretation to our service users, and we have over 350 interpreters.'

'It’s critical that when we interact with our customers that they can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we take our obligations and their obligations seriously.'

'We are dealing on a day-to-day basis with a very great deal of personal sensitive data that our clients provide us with on behalf of the service users.'

'Simply talking us through step by step what was going to happen, why and how has meant that we’ve had the ability to step back a little bit and that’s a style of partnership that we particularly like.'

'Everybody’s data is safe and secure, processes are in place as we go forward we look forward to a long-term relationship so we can continue that presence and that level of confidence in our client base.'

Tracey Broadbent- Director of Top Language Solutions 


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